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Big Design for Small Business

Fortune 500 companies benefit from my design solutions. You can, too.

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Say goodbye to flaky freelancers & inconsistent results on discount freelance platforms.

Working directly with a senior creative is the secret to unlocking your company's full potential. Experience personalized attention, expert advice & beautiful design that truly represents you.

Let's bring your vision to life, together.


Client Testimonials

Raving Reviews

Discover the impact I've made.

Luis is an outstanding professional.  He's detailed, thoughtful and has the creative mind to expand on my vision for my company.  It's nice to know that I have someone working behind the scenes who really gets my brand and is always responsive when I need to pivot.

Brooks Scott
CEO, Merging Path Coaching

"Working with Luis is always a pleasure! When I was in a pinch, he jumped in to help and exceeded my expectations on every level. He's incredibly organized and thorough with his work and communication, which made my job as the project's producer very easy."

Joshua Russell
Associate Creative Director & Editor, HBOMax

"Luis is a highly reliable & dedicated designer who consistently demonstrates professionalism & excellent communication skills. He has a deep understanding of branding & website design, which allows him to deliver cohesive designs across all channels. Luis is responsive to feedback & is able to take on multiple aspects of a project with ease, delivering outstanding results. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and versatile designer."

Robert Hall
President, PARC

"I’ve known Lou for about eight years now, we’ve worked on numerous projects together and he’s always delivered. He brings fresh ideas, a wealth of knowledge and a great attitude to every project.

Recently I had a last-minute project that needed some graphic design work in a short amount of time. Lou happily jumped on and delivered a great product and within a very tight deadline."

Randall Ward
Creative / Video Director, Articulus Entertainment

"Luis flows past obstacles, no matter how steep or deep. He’s flexible. Smart. Extremely creative. We faced some challenges, and Luis maintained his integrity which is much easier said than done.

He just concentrated on one small toehold at a time. He recognized that the situation called for teamwork and his natural friendliness brought everything together."

Shar McBee
Author to "Lead is to Serve"

"I had the great pleasure of working with Luis on one of my projects. It is no surprise to me now as to why he has worked for the biggest companies in the world - it is simply because he is the best at what he does.

We needed motion graphics done and the professionalism, attention to detail he brought was incredible. On top of this, he's an incredible human being and a great dude to talk to!"

Nico Vachnadze
CEO, Mossy Crew

Stand Out & Shine Bright

81% of consumers recall a brand's color more than they remember its name. Compete on even grounds with mega giants. You are David, they are Goliath.


Elevate Your Online Presence

Websites are your virtual lobby. First impressions of a website are 94% design related. Connect with a global audience that leads to conversions & drives sales.


Motion Magic Brings Your Stories to Life

Video content amounts to 82% of all internet traffic. Motion makes your marketing efforts stand out in a competitive market. Improving sales & captivating audiences.

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A career 22 years in the making, a smattering of notable career highlights.


You Need to Look as Good as Your Product.

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