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Hiking in Santa Monica Mountains

Will Hathaway offered up the opportunity to go hiking up in the Santa Monica Mountains. I hadn’t gone hiking in a long while, so I decided to take him up on the invite.
Click here for a link to the Facebook photo-gallery as well.


[ Milton Glaser, designer of, "I Heart NY" pictured holding a quote from writer / philosopher, Iris Murdoch. ]

My first instinct on quotes of love are that they’re sappy, mushy and overly-romantic. I felt compelled to chronicle this piece, because it speaks of love so simply and most importantly, realistically.
Clearly, running my own fan club [...]

No Broken Bones!

[ Luis on his Motorcycle a day before the accident ]

“No broken bones!” Is the phrase I keep repeating to myself as I pop up from the asphalt as if I’m rooting for “No Wammys!” on that 80s game show, rotating limbs to check for anything broken or hurt.
It may sound cliche, but it definitely [...]